In the Fast Food business when your equipment fails, and it's usually at your peak period, on a weekend or public holiday it is impossible to maintain high standards. Customer's are inconvenienced, become disgruntled and may never return. Operating up to three McDonald's stores, open to the public 18 hours a day 364 days a year over past 15 years has taught me to have professional, accessible, skilled and above all reliable trades person who understand the urgency of the situation available on call.

AFT Plumbing and its likeable owners Phil and Julie Read are such an organisation.

Serving approximately 60000 customers a month at the Norwest store means the Bathrooms receive a hell of a work out from all walks of life. Add repairs for vandalism to the general wear and tear and a plumbing service like AFT eases the pain greatly.

Blocked drains from foreign objects are quickly cleared, sewer chokes rectified, hot water systems replaced, and taps and cisterns put back on walls and RPZ's annual certification have all been carried out by Phil and his team.

He understands the cash flow issues and he is very helpful with advice on repairs and maintenance issues. Not merely fixing the problem but endeavouring to solve an issue so it does not occur again or as regularly.

As a McDonald's Licensee and Board member of Ronald McDonald House Westmead I was very grateful to Phil and his Jim Read Racing Team for providing his Top Fuel Car to be exhibited at our store to assist in raising much needed funds on McHappy Day. Phil bore the costs of transportation and did not stop there, he spent the day answering questions and lifting kids in and out of the car. AFT continue to put back into the community with sponsorship of the Westmead House on their car and charity events.

Service charges and the subsequent billing are comparable with industry standards and are handled in a professional manner by Julie.

I look forward to working with Phil and his team and recommend you experience his service for yourself.

Ray Finn
Norwest McDonald's


AFT Plumbing has been providing the Trivett Group with 10 years of professional and reliable service. Trivett's have a number of showrooms and service centres around the Parramatta area.

Phil Read has always responded quickly and efficiently which has allowed our businesses to function smoothly and with as little disruption as possible.

With Phil's dedication to his field we have benefited from his experience in that most of the issues are fixed first time and stay fixed. Phil and his team have a "can do" attitude that is delivered professionally and politely.

Yours faithfully,

Rob Taylor
Property & Maintenance Manager (Parramatta)


AFT Plumbing is one of those rare companies that you can rely on to get the job done on time with minimum supervision and without fear of being ripped off.

The response to Visy's plumbing maintenance requirements is exceptional.

AFT Plumbing has been looking after Visy's plumbing requirements since 1994. In addition to general plumbing, AFT Plumbing has also carried out the following work with professionalism and expertise:

  • compressed air lines
  • recirculating chilled water lines
  • LPG Gas heating and burners
  • water tower installations
  • water chiller installations

Yours truly,

Dennis Vidler
Technical Manager
Visy Industrial Packaging (Villawood)