Blocked Sewers/Drains

A blocked drain can be disgusting and problematic. AFT Plumbing offers blocked drain clearing services using either a high pressure water jetter or an electric eel. For repeated blockages we can use a CCTV drain camera to locate the cause of the problem.

We use the following methods to clear blocked sewers and drains:

The Electric Eel

A steel cable is fed into the sewer or stormwater line. The cable rotates a cutting head to cut through roots and releases sludge and debris leaving the line clear.

High Pressure Water Jet Cleaner

This is new technology where a tremendous pressure of water is sent up the sewer or stormwater line.

Using varied pressure cutting heads, which pulverises root growth, breaks up sludge and debris, penetrates grease, and flushes out the line leaving it completely clear.

CCTV Camera (Drain inspection camera)

Why use a CCTV camera (drain camera)?

A drain camera takes the guess work out of sewer and/or stormwater repairs. Upon clearing a stubborn line with a high pressure water jet cleaner, a drain camera can be used to locate the source of the problem.

This ensures we are given exact information to determine a cost effective solution.

With this drain camera image we can determine whether drain maintenance is the appropriate follow up or possibly excavation is required.